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After some months with different editions of the Ignition Series, Riot Games and Twitch have organized a new official tournament of VALORANT: The VALORANT Spike Nations.

The streaming platform and the videogame company join forces to bring us this charity tournament, which will consist of the competition between European influencers in a format similar to a Euro-Cup.

The influencers will be divided into ten teams, and each team will be formed by players from different European countries.

As mentioned, the tournament is for charity, and the players will fight for a prize of $100.000 that will be awarded to charities of their own choice.

VALORANT Spike Nations will start the upcoming November 6th and will last the whole weekend. You can only watch the games on Twitch, clicking on the link provided by both organizers.

Plus, you can be part of this great initiative and help your favorite team in the Spike Challenge, not only by supporting them but also by making them win more money for charity.

The ten teams will be divided into two groups of five. In each group, the five teams will fight each other in a “league format”, and only the top two teams at the end of the day will qualify for the Knockout Stage, which will only hold Semi-Finals and Finals.

The players that will represent their countries at the VALORANT Spike Nations are:

  • Spain: Leviathan, Horcus, Popifreshh, Hitboxking, Blackelespanolito.
  • Italy: Sparkercs, EduCoz, Manuelito, Terenas, Stermytv.
  • France: Jbzz, bazy_, HyP_TV, Zerator, Skyyart.
  • United Kingdom: Onscreen, Connor Ball, SoMarcus, Flights, TBA.
  • DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland): Trilluxe, Nookyyy, Kalle, rAx1337, Zonixxcs, Solaaaa.
  • Northern Countries: AverageJonas, Orb, GosuPeak, Anomaly, Noizeeeh.
  • Russia: Buster, Exileshow, 7ssk7, 1mpala, Gamelifeow.
  • Portugal: MeetTheMyth, TugaTV, Darkzone, Turlinnole, K0mpa.
  • Turkey: wtcN, Rogu, Rip, LEGOO, Kerimhan.
  • Poland: LotharHS, inet_saju, AL3XANDRAs, xype1337, FaminaMeow.

Don’t miss the opportunity to watch this new official tournament, and of course, don’t miss the opportunity to help if you can!!

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