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Riot Games has revealed changes to the closed beta access alongside three regions that will be added to those able to participate.

In an official post to the VALORANT website, the company stated that “Starting now, all VALORANT Twitch streams can drop closed beta access (as long as they are playing VALORANT).” This means exactly what it says; if you’re streaming and playing VALORANT, people can earn drops from your stream.

They did, however, explain that this “doesn’t increase the number of drops, just that you can watch any VALORANT stream to be eligible.”

In terms of the number of drops, they’ve also increased the server loads by +25% in order to allow more access and continue to test their network and game.

The game is also going to be reaching new areas Riot explained. “We’re moving as fast as possible to release closed beta in new regions,” they explained. For the regions, it will be Brazil, Latin America, and Korea that are next in line to gain access although dates have not yet been confirmed.

Currently only those in Europe, Canada, United States, Turkey, Russia, and other CIS countries have access to the closed beta but it is expected to be completely global before release.

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