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Cloud9 are the first team to conquer a qualifier for the North American VALORANT First Strike event. The organizations Blue team took down a region rival TSM in the semifinals 2-1 to earn their place in the grand final where they were set to face Envy.

Due to the format, the semifinals and beyond were simply for seeding but the teams still gave us some great matches.

The series was tight from the break as Ascent saw the teams going toe-to-toe. It was a tightly contested battle resulting in a tied game at 10-10 before Envy could string together two in a row to put themselves on match point. Cloud9 wouldn’t be ready to go down quite yet though, grabbing an eleventh of their own before a final hit on the B site would seal the deal for Envy to start the series 1-0.

Split wouldn’t follow the same plan as Cloud9 stormed off to an 11-1 halftime score thanks to a ridiculous 29 kills in the game for Tyson “TenZ” Ngo. While Envy would make it more respectable with six rounds in the second half, it wouldn’t be enough and the series would be tied up 1-1 with a 13-7 final score.

The third and final map, Bind, would begin in favor of Envy thanks to a pistol round victory. It was short-lived, however, as Cloud9 put up a stalwart defense to take seven rounds in a row to cement a strong lead. Upon the switch, Cloud9 battered, bruised, and busted their way into the B site over and over with Envy only grabbing one round on their way to being routed 13-5 and losing the series 2-1.

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