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FunPlus Phoenix survived the Mid-Season Cup (MSC) group of death and secured a semifinals berth after a win against DAMWON Gaming. The reigning world champions started the day with a loss against T1, but turned it around in their next two games to advance to the playoffs.

FPX pressured DWG early on, targeting Kim “Khan” Dong-ha’s top lane, starving him for items. In the middle, Kim “Doinb” Tae-sang was also far ahead of Heo “ShowMaker” Su, making DWG’s job extremely difficult. With Jayce and Syndra, DAMWON needed winning lanes, and they got none.

The few things that went well for DAMWON, namely their neutral objective control, also fell apart once FPX gathered some more strength. Their Mountain Drake soul point was denied by a great snipe from Doinb, which eventually culminated in a Mountain Soul for FPX themselves.

Phoenix made just one major mistake the entire game, when Khan’s Camille was caught off guard and immediately sniped, opening the door for DWG to take Baron. With the buff, DAMWON pushed far into FPX’s base, taking down two inhibitors but were denied at the Nexus gates by the respawned Phoenix member. With the push stifled, FPX had all the time to group up and finish the game.

The T1 versus Top Esports battle will finish Group A and also determine the seed FPX will get in playoffs. If T1 wins, Phoenix moves as #2, due to the direct encounter advantage.

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