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Riot Games officially announced Monday that their autobattler Teamfight Tactics will get a major world championship circuit in 2020. Dubbed Galaxies Championship, the circuit will set to find the 16 players from seven different regions and have them battle for $200,000 prize pool.

The Galaxies Championship will take place at the end of the current set and the players will be determined through a “unique qualification process consisting of ladder and tournament play”, Riot explained, without going into many mode details. For North America, one of the two seeds will come from the NA Final in mid-August.

The ladder portion of the qualifier system will be based on weekly ladder snapshots, where players will earn points depending on their placement. As for the tournament part, Riot will release a TFT Community Competition Guidelines, giving tools to the grassroots community to find the best TFT players from around the world.

The seven regions that will take part in TFT Galaxies Championship are:

  • China: 3 slots
  • EU, CIS & MEA: 3 slots
  • Japan: 1 slot
  • Korea: 1 slot
  • North America: 2 slots
  • Brazil: 2 slots
  • Latin Aerica: 2 slots
  • Turkey: 1 slot
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