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In the latest dev update, Riot Games cited some impressive numbers about their auto chess mode Teamfight Tactics. According to Riot, TFT pulls more than 33M monthly users. The of the mod also increased the peak concurrent players in League of Legends by 30%, Riot claims, which is a trend that “continues through today”.

“We’ve shipped a variety of game modes over the years, and Teamfight Tactics is the first one since ARAM to show the potential to be a huge, long-term addition to League. As a result of your continued excitement for the mode — as seen by the hours you spend playing, watching, and talking about it — we feel confident in really doubling down on TFT’s development.”

What’s more, Riot is looking to bring a competitive scene for TFT next year, which could be the one thing that pushes the game head and shoulders (more head and shoulders) above its competitors.

The autobattler esports scene across all majors players is very much nonexistent and the games lie on their grassroots foundation of small, community-ran tournaments. So far, neither Valve (Dota Underlords), nor Drodo (Auto Chess) have made moves to develop a competitive system. At the same time, Riot is a company with a proven track record in the scene with its League of Legends circuit and establishing something similar could further solidify TFT’s position as genre leader.

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