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  • A plague of debts in the Dota 2 pro scene

    Vega Squadron enters the rather long list of those who failed to pay their debts after the former manager of

    Vega Squadron places entire CS:GO roster on transfer list

    A mix of Ukrainian and Russian players are up for transfer as Vega Squadron announces they've placed their entire roster

    TI9 qualifiers: Vega hype train comes to a halt

    CIS regional qualifiers for The International 2019 are well underway. The first team to reach the grand finals has already

    Afoninje rage quits in the TI9 qualifiers while Vega Squadron go to the playoffs undefeated

    In what can be regarded as a total upset, Vega Squadron went 7-0 in the TI9 CIS qualifiers group stage

    Nemiga and Vega Squadron round out the CIS regional qualifiers for TI9

    The International 2019 CIS closed regional qualifiers are set to start today, Sunday, July 7, 2019, with eight teams on

    FlyToMoon take the first CIS closed qualifier spot

    CIS had some fantastic teams filling its first open qualifier for The International 2019 but only one spot was available

    Report: Unicorns of Love likely to join the LCL

    Former EU LCS org Unicorns of Love (UoL) are expected to join the CIS' Continental League (LCL), according to sources

    Phong Vu Buffalo oust Vega, complete team line-up for MSI groups

    For a third straight year, the VCS has made it to the MSI group stages, this time led by Phong

    The wolf eats the shark: Flash Wolves advance to MSI group stage over Vega

    Flash Wolves will keep their international record of never missing an MSI group stage. The LMS champions defeated LCL's Vega

    MSI 2019: Who will win the MSI Play-in knockout stage?

    The 2019 Mid-Season Invitational has reached its second stage. Four teams enter the Play-in knockouts and by Tuesday, May 7,

    Vega Squadron win Group B at MSI 2019, on to play Flash Wolves next

    LCL champions Vega Squadron secured an early berth into the next stage of the 2019 Mid-Season Invitational. With a 5-0

    Vega Squadron add seized and scoobyxie

    Photo: Vega Squadron According to the tweet from Vega Squadron, they've added two new players and this is not an April