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  • Team Tempest wins VALORANT Southeast Asia Invitational

    The latest major event for VALORANT out of the Southeast Asia region has concluded with Team Tempest taking home the

    TenZ leads North American VALORANT

    Tyson "TenZ" Ngo may not have but one title to his name in VALORANT currently, but he's certainly proven himself

    Reyna was secretly nerfed in Patch 1.03 and fans are angry about it

    Reyna is the newest Agent from VALORANT and since her release, she has been one of the most determinant picks

    Elderflame skins turn guns into dragons, and that is 'very' expensive

    Riot Games announced on Wednesday morning the newest set of skins for VALORANT: 'Elderflame', an ambitious project where mixing design,

    Sentinels win 100 Thieves Gamers for Equality VALORANT event

    The Sentinels VALORANT roster has picked up their first big victory in the 100 Thieves Gamers for Equality tournament. The

    VALORANT 1.03 patch notes - guardian buff, surrender button, and more

    Riot Games has released the latest patch notes for VALORANT build 1.03. The update brings about changes to the Guardian,

    Beyond Dota 2: 4 up-and-coming esports games you need to be paying attention to

    As the global esports market continues to attract hundreds of millions of worldwide fans and transform its best players into

    Riot Games work in a 'Deathmatch Mode' for VALORANT

    Since the official release of VALORANT this summer, Riot Games have added a lot of new features to their shooter.

    FaZe moves into VALORANT with JasonR & Corey signings

    FaZe has made the first step into VALORANT with the signing of Jason ‘JasonR’ Ruchelski and Corey 'Corey' Nigra. Coming

    100 Thieves complete VALORANT roster with four members of Highground squad

    100 Thieves has completed its VALORANT roster with the signing of four members of the former Highground squad. The four

    Ranked Games in Valorant delayed by a bug

    Last June 23rd, Riot Games revealed the notes for VALORANT Patch 1.2, an update that would add competitive mode to

    VALORANT 1.02 patch notes: Viper buff, map changes, competitive mode & more

    Riot Games has revealed the notes for VALORANT patch 1.02. The June 23rd update adds competitive mode to the game