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Op-Ed: Sebastian 'Ceb' Debs is the best mental warrior Dota 2 has seen

Competition. Competition can make the easiest of tasks seem difficult. Something you may have practiced numerous times can seem impossible.

TI9 True Sight to premiere January 28 in Berlin

Much like TI8’s True Sight, this year’s edition world premiere will take place at the end of January in a

TI9 stacking stats: Which teams and player(s) had the highest stacks?!

The International 2019 brought with it some amazing games of Dota 2. Many leave us with our jaws open, amazed

Matumbaman announces a short break from Dota 2

Many players have already announced their departure from teams in the post TI9 roster shuffle and after a poor display

The International 2019 : Team and hero statistics

The International 2019 ended on the 25th of August 2019, and even though the grand final wasn't the most exciting

TI9 grand finals - OG's perfect execution

The match between OG and Team Liquid was fairly intense at times and as such, we have an in depth

The International 9 peaks at 1.97M viewers on final day — the highest of all TIs yet

The International 9 broke several records this year. Apart from being the highest-paying tournament in esports history with a $34.3M

TI9 Main Event Day 1 Vlog

The International 2019 might be over, but we don't want you to feel the void after the biggest tournament of

TI9 champions, OG, are at the top of the esports earning ranks

Barely over an hour ago, OG were able to become the first team ever in the history of Dota 2

OG claim the Aegis at TI9 and become the first team to win The International twice!

It took nine iterations of The International to get a repeat winner, but it has finally happened! OG, who won

Topson at TI9: “It's been rough at times, we had motivation issues, I won't lie, it's been hard”

OG are the first team since Na’Vi in 2012 to defend their TI title. The International 2018 champions advanced yesterday,

Bulba interview at TI9: "Nisha and Zai are two of the best players of the year"

Evil Geniuses finished top six at The International 2019. Perhaps an unexpected results for their fans, but from their coach