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  • Glitchpop revealed as new VALORANT skin collection

    Riot has revealed a whole new set of skins titled "Glitchpop" and they're pretty rad. The new skinset comes just

    Character Design Lead for VALORANT provides new details about Killjoy's abilities

    With Killjoy nearing entry into VALORANT as the games 12th agent, Riot Games' Character Design Lead for the title, Ryan

    The LEC Steps Back and Cancels NEOM Partnership

    On Wednesday, July 29th, a new sponsorship was announced by the League of Legends European Championship as Main Partner for

    VALORANT's 12th agent reveal - Killjoy abilities & details

    VALORANT has officially revealed their latest agent, Killjoy. The new agent was leaked to some degree just days earlier but

    LEC announce their most controversial sponsorship

    The LEC has announced many new sponsors lately, but today a new Main Partner for the 2020 Summer Split has

    Riot accidentally leaks a new Agent: Killjoy, the 'Turret Agent'

    It seems that Riot Games had a little slip of the tongue leaking information about a possible new Agent on

    Leaked: 'Samira' could be the next ADC for League of Legends

    It seems like Riot Games are working very hard on their oldest game lately. Around three days have passed since

    Patch 10.15 official Notes: big nerf to Aphelios, enormous buff to Swain, and Spirit Blossom Skins

    Finally, we have all the details of the newest League of Legends Patch 10.15, with all its nerfs, buffs and

    VALORANT 1.04 patch notes: Viper buff, Raze nerf, classic adjustments & more

    Riot Games has released the latest update to VALORANT with patch 1.04. The update includes changes to several agents, classic

    A new bug aggressively demotes players' rank and Riot Games keep struggling

    Since the official release of the ranked games in VALORANT last June, the game has presented many problems with this

    Riot Games work on internal data sharing for a healthier metagame

    Since its official release, Legends of Runeterra has struggled to create a diverse, competitive, and balanced meta. That is why

    Patch 10.15 steps back with Yuumi and nerfs Aphelios (again)

    Once again, Lead Gameplay Designer for League of Legends Mark Yetter brings us a Patch Preview to introduce us to