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  • Learn to play Magic's cheapest, but also strongest, deck

    Magic: The Gathering is an expensive hobby. Within the card game genre, it requires the most investment among its peers,

    MTG Arena bans controversial Nexus of Fate from bo1 ladder

    Artwork by: Mike Bierek | Wizards Wizards of the Coast has banned Nexus of Fate in selected Standard MTG Arena formats. The

    Three more great MTG Arena decks to crush the ladder

    Yesterday, we shared what MTG veteran Luis-Scott Vargas thinks are the best MTG Arena decks to try right now. We

    Wizards' Mythic Invitational format is a sour, but necessary entry into esports

    Artwork source: MTG Salvation Wizards of the Coast’s announcement of the Magic: The Gathering million-dollar Mythic Invitational released to mixed reception.

    MTG legend Luis-Scott Vargas lists the five best decks in Standard

    Artwork by: Jason Felix | Wizards of the Coast Long-time player, caster and content creator Luis-Scott Vargas (or LSV for short) is

    Magic pros are really not happy with the Mythic Invitational announcement

    Wizards of the Coast (WOTC) are about to kick off their entrance into esports this March. During the PAX East

    Wizards announce details and new format for the first $1M Magic: The Gathering invitational

    2019 is about to be a big year for Magic: The Gathering, the father of all card games. Late in

    Heffaklumpen on Artifact's monetization: "Valve literally incorporated the best things from Hearthstone and Magic"

    In the second part of our interview with Joel "Heffaklumpen" Larsson, we discussed Artifact's monetization mechanics, compare them to rival

    MTG Arena is changing its rewards system — and players aren't happy

    Magic The Gathering: Arena is gearing for a slew of big changes, affecting its various game modes. And while some

    Two weeks after it launched, Artifact is almost below 10,000 players

    The downward spiral of Valve's card game Artifact continues. An earlier report by VPEsports showed how the game had lost

    $10 million circuit for Magic The Gathering esports announced

    It seems Wizards of the Coast have finally embraced esports seriously. The company is making moves to digitize the experience