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EternaLEnVy: “I care about Dota enough that I will pretty much do anything just to be on a better team”

During MDL Chengdu we took the opportunity to sit and talk with Jacky "EternaLEnVy" Mao, who was happy to share

cml interview: “We look at this event as our starting point and we are fully motivated to fight for the next Major”

MDL Chengdu Major marked the debut for the Filipino Team Adroit at a Valve sanctioned tournament. We caught with Bryle

TNC Predator press conference after winning the MDL Chengdu Major

Right after they lifted the trophy at MDL Chengdu major, TNC Predator attended a press conference at the venue where

33 interview: “I think Europe should get even 4 slots with the third Major”

We had the opportunity to talk to Alliance’s offlaner Neta "33" Shapira at MDL Chengdu Major. We’ve touched a couple

Ghostik interview: “You can always learn from your loss if you accept it”

Team Spirit placed bottom four at the first Major of the new season, MDL Chengdu. But despite the results, they

Armel interview: “It's really hard to make a case for SEA to keep the 3 qualifiers slots”

TNC Predator claimed their first Major title this past weekend in China, at MDL Chengdu. Ahead of their upper bracket

Tims interview at the Chengdu Major: "March's ideas are very similar to those of Heen"

Timothy 'Tims' Randrup joined TNC Predator in 2016, but he didn't win his first Major with the team until recently

Abed interview at the Chengdu Major: "I want to see Ranked Roles gone with 7.23"

Abed 'Abed' Yusop recently made the move from Southeast Asia to North America to be a part of the new

K1 interview: “I think we are a rather unique team for Peru”

First Major of the season, MDL Chengdu didn’t go all smooth for beastcoast, who are now represented by the five

Vici Gaming inflict the first loss of the season for TNC Predator

After a phenomenal debut of the new roster, TNC Predator experienced their first loss of the new season in the

J.Storm crushed by Invictus Gaming, finish top 6 at MDL Chengdu Major

Neither the Alchemist-Chen combo nor the Night Stalker’s Dark Ascension could save J.Storm from elimination today at the first Major

Dy interview: “This year, rOtk has given us an order“

We caught with Vici Gaming’s support Ding "Dy" Cong in Chengdu at the first Major of the new season. His