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FPX Jungler and World Champion 'Tian' takes a break from competition

In the last few years, we have learned many remarkable names in the competitive League of Legends scene, especially after

These are the LPL Final Rosters for the 2021 Spring Split

The League of Legends Pro League (LPL) has been the last region to reveal the final rosters that will compete

League of Legends Season 11: date and time of the Opening Day Livestream

Finally! Riot Games has announced the date and time for the new League of Legends season, the eleventh, which comes

'Xiye' officially parts ways with LGD Gaming and becomes Free Agent

The 'Free Agency' season keeps running and the competitive League of Legends Teams around the world ultimate their rosters for

IG Rookie: "I’ll be bringing the Summoner’s Cup back next year"

Many people consider Song 'Rookie' Eui-jin as one of the best mid laners in the World. Since his debut, some

Play-in Qualifiers: LGD Gaming eliminates Rainbow7 and stay alive one more day

The qualifiers for the Main Event of Worlds 2020 started today with the Bo5 series that will decide what two

Worlds 2020: new Play-in format, Qualified Teams, Schedules and Updates

The 2020 League of Legends World Championship is about to start and we finally know who will be the participants

Faker's military service could be delayed (or the consequences can be terrible)

South Korea is one of those countries where military service is still mandatory, which has always become a problem for

Top Esports wins the LPL Summer Finals against JD Gaming 3-2

The Chinese League of Legends Pro League 2020 Summer Finals took place today, with JD Gaming and Top Esports facing

V5 are eliminated from Playoffs and depend on LGD's defeat to have options for Worlds

After having an amazing start of the Summer Split, ending the Regular Season in 5th position (after being in 17th

Uzi could have joined Invictus Gaming before retiring

Last June 3rd, all the League of Legends fans received very sad news: one of the biggest legends of all

LGD Gaming climb to the first position after beating Invictus Gaming

A new day of LPL started today, with a first match between the Spring Champions JD Gaming and Dominus Esports