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  • LGD founder is showing up on the big stage, invited to Bloomberg Conference

    (Image credit: VPhoto) We all know big steps are being made by esports with the likes of personalities such as Tyler

    All Chinese teams have dissolved their Artifact rosters

    No Chinese organization is fielding an Artifact roster anymore, VPEsports has learned. Even established, hallmark brands in the scene have

    Close but no cigar for LGD, as they almost upset FunPlus Phoenix

    LGD Gaming haven't been the best team in LPL this season. In fact, until Snake Esports lost their fifth game

    BLG rookie Meteor shines on Camille, schools LGD in their own home

    Artwork by: Riot Games 2018 was a year of ups and downs for Bilibili Gaming (BLG). The team performed admirably in

    PSG.LGD Gaming Withdraw from DPL Season 6

    When most of the Dota 2 fans are getting ready to celebrate the winter holidays, the Chinese scene is still

    True Sight for The International 2018 Grand Finals to be Premiered In Front of a Live Audience

    After a lot of uproar from the community regarding True Sight, the show that takes the audience behind the scenes,

    The 2018 Fall of the LCK through the lens of the 2015 LPL collapse

    Memories of Invictus Gaming's quick 3-0 sweep over Fnatic have already begun to fade into sepia-tinged snapshots, most of which

    New Revelations in The Open Conflict Between Monet and LGD Gaming

    The Du “Monet” Peng - LGD Gaming drama is far from being over. Through the entire day, on this Monday,  both parties

    Monet Refuses to Honor his Contractual Agreements with LGD Gaming

    LGD Gaming issued today, September 10, 2018 an official statement regarding the LGD Forever Young player Du "Monet" to LGD,

    TI8 xNova Interview: "I wouldn't say this meta is suitable for PSG.LGD"

    I got the chance to talk with PSG.LGD's Malaysian sensation, xNova, who also happens to be a good friend of

    Our Relationship with VPGame (China) and LGD Gaming - Explained

    To the Readers of VPEsports,   My name is Kevin Hitt and I am the Editor-in-Chief of VPEsports. On Friday, I was

    Turning Back the Years – The International 2015

    TI had been extremely successful in its previous four years of running and Valve took the opportunity to announce The