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These are the LPL Final Rosters for the 2021 Spring Split

The League of Legends Pro League (LPL) has been the last region to reveal the final rosters that will compete

'Xiye' officially parts ways with LGD Gaming and becomes Free Agent

The 'Free Agency' season keeps running and the competitive League of Legends Teams around the world ultimate their rosters for

Worlds Qualified Teams: LGD makes it while Cloud9 is out for the first time ever

Just a few days have passed since Riot Games revealed the full schedule for 2020 League of Legends World Championship

V5 are eliminated from Playoffs and depend on LGD's defeat to have options for Worlds

After having an amazing start of the Summer Split, ending the Regular Season in 5th position (after being in 17th

PSG.LGD are China Dota2 Professional League back to back champions

The second season of China Dota2 Professional crowned its champions on Sunday, May 31. PSG.LGD have successfully defended the title

Did LGD reveal that MidOne would be joining their new International roster?

It has been three weeks since we learned that Yeik ‘MidOne’ Zheng would be departing from the Team Secret active roster.

Maybe at TI9: “Playing against is fun”

The International 2019 Main Event began today, Monday, August 20 with the crowd favorites, PSG.LGD fighting against for a

LGD's LoL manager, on-stage host comment on recent matchfixing debacle

LGD Gaming's League of Legends team came into bad light yesterday after LPL officials issued temporary and lifetime bans to

LGD founder is showing up on the big stage, invited to Bloomberg Conference

(Image credit: VPhoto) We all know big steps are being made by esports with the likes of personalities such as Tyler

Thorin's Take: Flame Fatale

Me and Flame in 2014 If you would call yourself a fan of a player then perhaps you might imagine the

Close but no cigar for LGD, as they almost upset FunPlus Phoenix

LGD Gaming haven't been the best team in LPL this season. In fact, until Snake Esports lost their fifth game

RNG narrowly escape a 0-2 start to their LPL season

Photo by: Riot Games Royal Never Give Up had their best year yet in 2018 and up until Worlds — and perhaps