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  • Apex Legends: Mirage buff, Wraith & Lifeline nerfs inbound

    More changes are on the way to some of your favorite Legends according to Respawn Entertainment. Apex Legends' developers have

    Apex Legends: Octane - all the details we have

    Although nothing is official yet, leaks have provided details about "Octane" the expected next character to come to Apex Legends.

    NaVi, MIBR advance to IEM Katowice Major playoffs

    Photo by: ESL Natus Vincere and MIBR are the next two teams to secure their Legend status for the next Major.

    LEAKED: New Legends Coming to Apex Legends?

    More leaks have been making their way around the Twitterverse regarding the new hit battle royale, Apex Legends. The game has already

    Apex Legends Trio and Solo World Records

    In these early days and weeks of Apex Legends, records will be broken and we're not just talking about viewership