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  • Fortnite season 9 week 2 challenges

    Fortnite has released the official season 9 week 2 challenges and you can get started knocking them out right away! While

    Fortnite v9.01 update nerfs Drum Gun, Adds Tactical Assault Rifle & more

    With Season 9 in full swing, Epic Games has revealed the latest update for Fortnite. Fortnite v9.01 adds the brand new

    LEAKED: Fortnite season 9 week 2 challenges

    This week’s leaked challenges once again come courtesy of lucas7yoshi.  The Twitter user and Fortnite leaker has provided a copy of

    Fortnite v9.0 brings in Season 9, adds Combat Shotgun, Vaults Pump Shotgun

    The latest update has gone live for Fortnite. Fortnite v9.00 opens up Season 9 of Epic Games' massively popular battle

    Fortnite v8.51 update adds Shadow Bomb

    Season 8 is coming to a close and Fortnite has provided one of its last updates. It's not a big

    Another Fortnite esports player accused of cheating in the World Cup

    Epic Games' esports ventures in the form of the Fortnite World Cup haven't had the best of times recently. The

    Players accuse Epic Games of owing $187,000 AUD

    Drama has erupted over unpaid prize money from Epic Games. The creators of Fortnite have allegedly failed to pay several

    Epic Games talks reverting Fortnite, game changes before tournaments & more

    In a "Fortnite Competitive Development Update" Epic Games provides some details that won't go over well with many of the

    LEAKED: New skins found in Fortnite v8.50 game files

    A new patch means new leaks and several data miners did not miss a beat. Following the release of Fortnite

    FortnitexAvengers goes live with v8.50 update - patch notes

    It's here! Fortnite v8.50 has gone live and brought with it the activation of the highly anticipated FortniteXAvenegers cross-over. The cross-over

    FortniteXAvengers cross-over hints at Iron Man

    The Epic (pun intended) #FortniteXAvengers cross-over event has done more teasing. After the initial confirmation on April 22 via an

    The ForniteXAvengers cross-over event starts this Thursday

    In a short tweet, Epic Games have confirmed that the #ForniteXAvengers cross-over content will start later this week, on the