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  • felps loaned to Luminosity from MIBR

    With the news breaking that MIBR had officially revealed Lucas "LUCAS1" Teles as their fifth player, the destination of the

    The past and the present, the challenges of MIBR

    Photo: By BLAST The MIBR reunion was met with with polarized reactions: either unmitigated hype or torpid disappointment. Both reactions had

    From 2017 to 2019, The Brazilian Reunion

    Photo: Adela Sznajder for DreamHack The first reaction I had when I was reading the news of the potential reunion of

    MIBR Make it Official with felps, Reunite Full Brazilian Roster

    (Photo: MIBR) MIBR have finally made it official. João "felps" Vasconcellos has been successfully transferred to the organization from INTZ. The 22-year-old reunites with Gabriel

    Historical Comparisons to the Potential Felps-MIBR Reunion

    ‘Chiu on This’ is a short and regular opinion blast   Today Nel reported that Felps is close to rejoining the MIBR

    Felps to be the 5th MIBR

    Days ago, ESPN Esports revealed that Jacky “Stewie” Yip will be traded to Liquid in exchange for Epitácio “TACO” de

    The Felps Experiment Could Have the Solution MIBR Needs

    At the end of 2017 people prophesied that the SK lineup was destined to rule the world. Those hopes were