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  • The top 25 highest earning CS:GO pros after IEM Katowice

    Photo by: ESL IEM Katowice Major is over and Astralis are on top once again. The Danes smashed ENCE 2-0 in

    Brazilian soccer star Neymar posts 1v5 CS:GO clutch

    (Photo: FalleNCS Twitter) There's been lots of professional athletes seen playing the likes of Fortnite over the last year, however, Neymar

    Fundamentals Concepts to Understand Team Counter-Strike

    Photo: By Rich Lock for BLAST I’ve been watching CS:GO for close to three years now. In that time I’ve spent

    From 2017 to 2019, The Brazilian Reunion

    Photo: Adela Sznajder for DreamHack The first reaction I had when I was reading the news of the potential reunion of

    How FalleN’s GMing Took Brazil to the Top from 2015-2017

    Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo is one of the greatest leaders of any esports game I’ve watched. His story of how he

    What the Potential Kscerato Move Tells Us about MIBR

    ‘Chiu on This’ is a short and regular opinion blast   Sometime this week, I will be publishing an article about the

    Sources: MiBR in discussions with kNgV- to join active roster

    Brazilian CS:GO team Made in Brazil are in discussions with Vito "kNgV-" Giuseppe to join the active roster, according to

    From Superheroes to Systems, The Rise of Astralis and Liquid in 2018

    With 2018 closing out, we can look back on the events that happened with the benefit of hindsight. The two

    FalleN’s Advice to SA Teams Wishing to be Number One in Dota

    ‘Chiu on This’ is a short and regular opinion blast   Yesterday ppd posted about the issue of the SA qualifier problems

    Is MiBR Ready to Ascend back to Dominance? FalleN Believes The Time Has Come

    The finals of the 6th Season of the Esports Championship Series, thus far, has been a show with everything, but Yul Brynner.

    Breaking Mental Barriers, the MIBR Victory over Astralis

    ‘Chiu on This’ is a short and regular opinion blast   The MIBR victory over Astralis yesterday was huge for MIBR. As

    The Different Roles of the CS:GO IGL and Their Archetypal Examples

    The most loaded role I’ve seen across esports is the in-game leader roles in CS:GO. Among all of the different