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Xiao8 returns to PSG.LGD and brings with him the majority of EHOME roster

China's big shuffle is ending today with a massive roster shake in the PSG.LGD quarters. The new line-up announcement made

Faith_bian takes a medical break, EHOME looking for an offlane stand-in

Zhang “Faith_bian” Ruida suffered a humerus fracture last year in February during the photo-shoot session at MDL Macau and underwent

Faith_bian temporally replaced by Xiao8 due to a new hand injury

Zhang "Faith_bian" Ruida’s 2019 competitive year was plagued by injuries. At the very beginning of the year, he was forced

Black^ potentially to miss the start of the season after a humerus fracture

Dominik "Black^" Reitmeier’s competitive season is in jeopardy after he broke his right arm humerus bone during an arm wrestling

Xiao8 announces Faith_bian’s return to EHOME and reveals the punishment for a bad practice day

EHOME are ready to welcome back the TI6 Champion offlaner, Zhang "Faith_bian" Ruida. His recovery period from an arm injury

eGo flees from EHOME house during the night

“Stop asking me, he left the team himself,” EHOME’s coach Zhang "xiao8" Ning posted on Weibo early this morning. The

[UPDATE] Faith_bian Hospitalized Following an Injury Suffered During the Photo-shoot of MDL Macau

It almost feels like the entire Universe is conspiring these days against EHOME. The team is supposed to start their

“Remember Avatar from WC3? It will be something like that” - If EHOME could design Mars

At The International 2018 Valve promised that a completely new hero will be implemented to the game ‘this winter’. His

Faith_bian Interview: “The competition should be about the skill instead of luck”

One day ahead of the Chongqing Major group stage we had the chance to interview the fresh winner of the

Y and Faith_Bian Return to the Major Stage One and a Half Years Later

Photo: EHOME The last time we saw any of the Wings players at a premier international tournament was at the Kiev

EHOME Advance Undefeated into The Bucharest Minor Grand Finals

photo by: PGL It’s a clean 6-0 victory streak for EHOME, who at the end of four days of competition are