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Team Aster CEO talks Fade's contractual situation and the new roster

Following the roster reveal made on Xu "BurNIng" Zhilei’s stream Friday evening, Team Aster CEO, Guo "Zhili" Zhili joined the

Sccc on plans for when his Dota 2 career is over: “I’ll return to the army and protect the country”

The Chinese scene is the busiest one when it comes to online tournaments. Even before the COVID - 19 pandemic crisis

4 Team Aster players in special quarantine center after getting confirmed as contacts of a COVID-19 case

Team Aster has finally reached home after a long and convoluted trip from Kyiv, Ukraine, where they competed at the

Fade after winning the SL ImbaTV Minor: “I’m not sure if we can go to the Major”

Team Aster had to fight a couple of adversities over the past couple of months. They failed in the ESL

Fade Interview: “Now it is even more important to win the lanes”

During the Chinese regional qualifiers for WESG, the Chinese outlet MAX+ talked to Team Aster’s support Pan "Fade" Yi, who

Fade tells the full retirement story and how he parted ways with VG

Vici Gaming’s former captain, Pan "Fade" Yi was the centerpiece of the post TI9 Chinese shuffle. His contract with Vici

Team Aster's line-up is complete with Fade officially joining

There have been a lot of rumours revolving around Team Aster in the past few days, especially regarding Pan 'Fade'

RNG-Fade-Vici Gaming post TI9 shuffle drama in quotes

Vici Gaming’s captain, Pan "Fade" Yi is at the centre of the Chinese post TI9 shuffle drama. Earlier today he

Fade announces his retirement from competitive scene

Vici Gaming came to TI9 as one of the stronger contenders for the most wanted trophy in the Dota 2

Fade opens up about the Vici Gaming roster change: “I didn’t really want to return”

photo by: StarLadder Despite the win from today’s StarLadder ImbaTV Minor qualifiers, which will give Vici Gaming another shot at making

Hectic Few Days for Vici Gaming End with a Minor Qualification

It all started with an early elimination in the Stockholm Major qualifiers. Both Vici Gaming and Aster, the teams who

Vici Gaming Revert to Their Original Roster

image from Vici Gaming Under a week ago we had reports of a shake-up in the Vici Gaming roster – with their