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  • Fortnite v8.51 update adds Shadow Bomb

    Season 8 is coming to a close and Fortnite has provided one of its last updates. It's not a big

    Epic Games talks reverting Fortnite, game changes before tournaments & more

    In a "Fortnite Competitive Development Update" Epic Games provides some details that won't go over well with many of the

    Counterattack in today's Fortnite item shop

    Today’s featured items section tempts fate and you don’t want to miss out on it. Don’t forget to grab the

    Fortnite v7.40 Content Update Adds Driftboard, New LTM's & more

    Fortnite has received the last content update of Season 7 and it's a good one for those who love new

    Full Marshmello Fortnite Concert

    It was a big day for Fortnite and the gaming world today with a big live in-game event taking place,

    LEAKED: Fortnite Season 7 Week 9 Challenges

    This week’s leaked challenges once again come courtesy of FNBRHQ.  The data mining site has provided a copy of the upcoming

    Dark Vanguard & Archetype Gear Orbit Fortnite Item Shop - January 28 to 29

    "Enter orbit. " - Fortnite Twitter. Today’s featured items section includes the Dark Vanguard and Archetype outfits (Legendary/Epic) alongside the Caliper pickaxe (Uncommon)

    Malcore Appears in Fortnite Item Shop - January 26 to 27

    "The watcher in the darkness..." - Fortnite Twitter. Today’s featured items section includes the brand new Malcore outfit (Epic) alongside the matching

    Official Fortnite Season 7 Week 8 Challenges

    The Season 7 Week 8 Fortnite challenges have been officially released by Epic Games! Epic has released them on schedule

    Fortnite v7.20 Content Update Adds Sneaky Snowman, Vaults Grappler & More

    Fortnite v7.20 is live with its first content update and content is what it has. The latest patch adds the Sneaky

    Fortnite Reveals $500,000 Secret Skirmish

    Epic Games has announced the next event for their popular battle royale Fortnite. The event will offer up $500,000 in

    Fyra & Jaeger Make Their Fortnite Item Shop Debut - January 17-18

    "Party like it's the Paleolithic period" - Fortnite Twitter. Today’s featured items section includes the brand new Fyra and Jaeger outfits (Epic/Epic)