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The Ellie-Fant In The Room: Why We Should Never Forget This Particular Overwatch Embarrassment

By now the dust has settled on another embarrassing chapter for both the Overwatch League and the mainstream gaming press.

Second Wind Sent "Ellie" Check Request to Blizzard Before Christmas Break

A recent controversy unfolded in the Overwatch Contender scene surrounding the acquisition of a female player to the roster Second

Blizzard confirm Ellie's identity was fabricated

Blizzard Entertainment confirmed Sunday what everyone already knew: that the female player known as Ellie and who was signed to

Op-ed: Ellie's case highlights, among other things, the amateurism of the scene

The last few days were weird and strained ones for the Overwatch community. They featured a story most bizarre which,

Second Wind admit they had no idea about Ellie

The Ellie controversy which has been going on in the Overwatch community for the last few days got a new

Timeline of the Second Wind and Ellie Situation

With the Second Wind, Ellie Overwatch situation getting larger, I decided to put up a basic timeline of things that

The Path to Pro Requires a Level of Public Transparency

‘Chiu on This’ is a short and regular opinion blast   There has been a furor lately in the Overwatch League scene