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DAMWON Gaming: 2020 World Champions

The big day just happened. Suning and DAMWON Gaming have faced each other in the big finals of the 2020

Worlds Finals Opening Ceremony: Galio falls from the sky in a new insane show

As always, Riot Games has delighted the fans all around the world with a new spectacular Opening Ceremony, with some

DAMWON beats DRX for the 8th time in a row and carries the Korean crown through Worlds

If the LCK has a remarkable rivalship right now, it is without doubts the one between DRX and DAMWON Gaming,

DAMWON and JD Gaming qualify for Quarter-Finals. Rogue and PSG Talon, eliminated.

The second day of the second round of the 2020 World Championship Groups Stage was set to decide what teams

Nuguri: Recovering from Surgery and Scrimming with DAMWON via Discord

Jang "Nuguri" Ha-gwon is probably one of the best top laners in the world right now. Many people knew about

Faker's T1 won't be at Worlds after losing to Gen.G (3-0) in the LCK Regional Finals

It seems like 2020 keeps filling our lives with atypical things, and its last surprise has been one of the

DWG Nuguri Recovers from Pneumothorax but his Travel to Worlds will be Delayed

Jang "Nuguri" Ha-gwon is probably one of the best top laners in the League of Legends competitive scene, and this

LCK playoffs: Kingzone walk over DAMWON 3-0

Photo by: LCK | Flickr DAMWON Gaming could not continue their run through the LCK playoffs. After beating SANDBOX 2-1 on Wednesday,

LCK playoffs: DAMWON through, SANDBOX out

Photo by: LCK Flickr DAMWON Gaming won the first round of the LCK Spring Split playoffs, eliminating SANDBOX gaming 2-1. DWG