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  • Varena: Autochess stats, leaderboards, trends and news

    In any game, be it Autochess, Dota 2 or CS:GO, something that helps gamers improve, other than practice, is information

    Black King Bar is the newest Dota Auto Chess item

    Mage synergy just got a huge indirect nerf by the addition of Black King Bar to the game. The latest

    Drodo Studio answers fans questions regarding MMR, Io and more

    Drodo Studio, Dota Auto Chess developers, published on their Weibo page a short Q&A round regarding the first ranked season

    Io relocates to the Dota Auto Chess test server, Ogre Magi and Lich removed

    Dota Auto Chess test server received a new update today, April 27, with a new chess piece to join the

    Dota Auto Chess patch leaks: Blade Mail reworked with an active effect

    A new patch is now tested for Dota Auto Chess and the Chinese community website xiaoheihe has already leaked all

    More SSR pieces, Dazzle's spell and Priest trait revealed: Dota Auto Chess test server updates

    Dota Auto Chess test server received a few updates that reveal more than just the Dazzle imminent addition to the

    Ranked seasons and Dazzle to arrive in Dota Auto Chess with a new class: patch leaks

    Dota Auto Chess (DAC) test server reveals a new patch soon to be added to the game. According to the

    [A] Fortnite and Hearthstone pro takes the BEAT Dota Auto Chess Showmatch spoils

    image: Alliance The second edition of BEAT Dota 2 Auto Chess Showmatch gathered 16 professional players, streamers, commentators and coaches from

    Dota Auto Chess new patch leaks: Orc, Naga, and Warlock synergies buffed

    Although busy with the mobile title release, Drodostudio still devotes a lot of attention to the PC version of Dota

    Auto Chess new patch is live with UI improvements and item drops upon elimination

    The latest patch in the Dota 2 arcade mode Auto Chess went live today, April 5, and although it doesn’t

    Varena launches the first Auto Chess tool to give you round by round stats

    You want to see what is the Queen 1 ranked player doing to be so good at Dota Auto Chess?

    Dota Auto Chess: Zeus and Mars skills revealed

    Image credits: Drodo Studios Drodo Studios have added the two new heroes, Zeus and Mars to the Dota Auto Chess test