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These are the LPL Final Rosters for the 2021 Spring Split

The League of Legends Pro League (LPL) has been the last region to reveal the final rosters that will compete

BLG fourth to secure LPL playoffs berth

Bilibili Gaming clinched a playoffs spot for the LPL Summer season yesterday, easily defeating Rogue Warriors 2-0. This marked BLG's

ADD on facing TheShy's Lucian: "I would try to find a champion that's good at countering Lucian rather than playing him myself."

On Sunday, Aug. 4, Bilibili Gaming scored an important victory. In a three-game series, BLG defeated Invictus Gaming and climbed

ADD: "There are very few champions that can play against Mordekaiser when he is played to his full potential"

These days, Bilibili Gaming are hovering around the border between making playoffs and sitting them out. Currently placed 8th — the

ADD: "I am mainly practicing champions that counter those soon-to-be popular carry-type top laners."

Slowly but surely, Bilibili Gaming have ascended to #3 in the LPL Spring Split. Led by veteran South Korean stars

Snake Esports' LPL woes continue even through line-up changes

Returning from the Lunar New Year's break, Snake Esports needed to make a change, especially in their mid lane. Yang "Mala"

OMG rock a mean Fiora to smash BLG

After what Bilibili Gaming showed against LGD in week 1, anticipation brewed for their next match against veterans OMG. Eyes

ADD: "In solo queue, I always pick Poppy when I see my opponent picking Jax."

Photo by: After a comfortable 2-0 against LGD on its home turf, Bilibili Gaming sat down for a press conference