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TI10 Battle Pass release date, VALORANT launch, Artifact 2.0... and more esports stories from the week

Did you miss anything from the last week in esports? Have you been trembling with anticipation of the TI10 Battle

Artifact 2.0 beta footage shows Hero Draft mode plus new mechanics

Artifact 2.0 closed beta is coming next week, as we reported earlier, rolling out to random players who purchased the

Artifact 2.0 beta begins next week

Artifact 2.0 seems ready for testing. On Monday, Valve confirmed that the revamp of their Dota 2 card game will

Artifact's item mechanic is changing. Here's how

The latest Artifact 2.0 blog post from Valve outlines some changes that are being made to the shopping phase. Previously

How mechanics in Artifact 2.0 have changed?

On Monday, Valve outlined in a massive blog post how some mechanics in Artifact will change with the release of

Valve speak out on Artifact Beta 2.0

After becoming Valve's single biggest failure, Artifact is going to make a return after all. The Dota 2 card game,

Valve are completely reworking Artifact, updates coming soon

Valve's card game Artifact was one of the defining game failures of 2018. Its initial reveal during The International 2017

Streamers troll Memorial Day weekend by invading Twitch's Artifact section, Twitch retaliates

One thing you have to give internet trolls is that they can be very creative, even if they go far

Slacks pessimistic about Artifact relaunch: "I don't think it's gonna happen. I think it's done."

Photo by: StarLadder By now, we know that it won't be any time soon before we see something new from Artifact.

Artifact Twitch viewers hit the ultimate low: zero

Artifact is dead. Whether it was stillborn or only died post-launch is beyond the point and the simple fact is

Valve plans to address "larger issues instead of shipping updates" for Artifact

Photo: Valve / Artifact Valve's Artifact team has issued a statement regarding the current state of the game and their future plans.

$10,000 Artifact Chronosphere Cup "postponed indefinitely"

US-based Artifact fans (and especially the competitive players) were looking forward to the first weekend of April. Organized by Philly-based