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  • Respawn confirms Apex Legends ammo types have different properties

    Just how detailed is Apex Legends? Down to the ammo. That's right, Respawn Entertainment, the game's developer has confirmed that

    Apex Legends: flamethrower & remote turret leaked

    Thanks are about to get wild in Apex Legends. The popular game has been around for just over a month

    Apex Legends: Weapon Guide - Damage, Attachments, Ammo & more

    As new weapons are added and old ones are adjusted, we continue to update our weapon guide and give you

    LEAKED: Apex Legends Legendary Weapon Skins

    With the recent leak of two new weapons found in the game files, more leaks have come to light. The

    LEAKED: Apex Legends Getting Two New Weapons

    Leaks have become more common, especially in the battle royale market and it appears Apex Legends is no different. A

    Apex Legends: Full Map Breakdown - Find the Best Drop Spots & Loot

    Always stuck sitting in the ship trying to decide where to jump? Well, we think this should help. A map laying

    5 Tips on How to Improve at Apex Legends

    (Image: EA) Apex has been out for a week now and it's time to take your game to the next level.

    Apex Legends: Full Weapon Guide - Damage, Ammo & more

    With Apex Legends storming onto the stage and claiming the hearts of many, now it's time to figure out exactly