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  • LEAKED: C4 Satchel may be coming to Apex Legends

    A new and somewhat unique leak has come forth for Apex Legends. The popular battle royale created by Respawn Entertainment

    LEAKED: rocket launcher found in Apex Legends files

    Twitter user, data miner, and Apex Legends leaker @ApexLeaksNews has unveiled yet another upcoming change to the game. This time? A

    LEAKED: Apex Legends night-mode & community happy hour

    Photo: U/SAXONN_88 More leaks are on their way for Respawn Entertainment's Apex Legends. According to leaks provided to @RealApexLeaks by @AustinScriver,

    Apex Legends: flamethrower & remote turret leaked

    Thanks are about to get wild in Apex Legends. The popular game has been around for just over a month

    LEAKED: Apex Legends L-STAR Weapon Release Date

    According to a report from GamingINTEL, we now know the tentative release date for the previously leaked L-STAR gun. Information recovered by

    LEAKED: "Hoverbike" Coming to Apex Legends

    Data miners haven't been sleeping on finding what's going on in Apex Legends. New leaks have come out from several

    LEAKED: New Legends Coming to Apex Legends?

    More leaks have been making their way around the Twitterverse regarding the new hit battle royale, Apex Legends. The game has already