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  • List of Apex Legends issues being worked on by development team

    While the second season of Apex Legends brought about a wealth of new content, meta changes, challenges, and a ranking

    Apex Legends: season 2 patch notes -Mozambique, P2020 buffed & more

    Season 2 of Apex Legends is officially live! The update introduces a new and improve battle pass, the new Legend

    Apex Legends: Wattson trailer released ahead of season 2

    Apex Legends kicks off today and Respawn Entertainment has provided a deeper look at the new Legend Wattson ahead of

    Apex Legends: everything we know about season 2

    Season 1 is over and season 2 is on the horizon. A lot is on the line and from what

    Apex Legends: daily & weekly challenges coming in season 2

    In an update from Apex Legends Leader Product Manager Lee Horn, it is revealed that challenges are coming to the

    Apex Legends season 2 trailers leaked

    Trailers have been leaked for Apex Legends season 2 ahead of the official reveal slated for later today. Two separate trailers

    Most popular Apex Legends characters of season 1

    With the first season of Apex Legends coming to a close, it's time to take a look back at the

    Apex Legends: latest patch adds fps_max & lots of bug fixes

    Respawn Entertainment has released another patch for Apex legends. The battle royale's latest update is focused mostly on bug fixes,

    Apex Legends: are dragons coming?

    Photo: EA live stream With all the details being revealed about the upcoming second season of Respawn Entertainment and EA's popular

    Apex Legends Season 2: Everything we know

    With Season 2 of Apex Legends set to start in under a months time, it's time to dig into everything

    Apex Legends: Wattson - details officially revealed

    With Season 2 on the horizon, Respawn Entertainment and EA have released new details on the soon to be released