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The Playoffs of Blizzcon for Starcraft 2 have started. The first match of the day was between Maru and sOs. This was supposed to be a battle between a titan and a minnow. Maru had won three GSL titles throughout the year. While sOs had upset him at Super Tournament, Maru was still the absolute favorite going in, especially as sOs looked to be in weak form from what we’ve seen from him at this Blizzcon before the match.


However, I was expecting a potential upset here as I do not consider Maru an all time great series player. He is fine if he has momentum or is in a meta that favors him, but sOs is far too clever for that. This turned out to be correct as Maru continued to play the exact same style he had all year. A style of play that sOs was able to pre-empt. A cannon rush, gold base, aggression, and an ability to constantly frustrate and disrupt Maru before he got off the ground. sOs did not allow Maru to get into a comfortable situation at any moment in the game and as Bunny, noted,



Even then, Maru could have potentially won the series anyway if he had stayed calm. However he lacked the adaptation or composure of the great clutch players in SC2 history. Players like Life or TaeJa. TaeJa consistently showed an ability to adapt regardless of what happened in game. Life was one of the clutchest in moments where he was down in series play or in a game. Someone like Mvp could pull it out even at times where he had sustained injuries.


Where Maru tilted, sOs stayed composed. For him, this was just another day and he was able to come up with a plan to commit deicide and kill Maru.

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