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Here is the second half of the Monthly Mailbag I do where I answer questions sent to me on Twitter. Read part one here.

I don’t expect a move for Na’Vi until after the Major. If they place well there I could totally see them keeping this five man lineup.

I think the professionalism that organizations have make a very small difference at the end of the day, but that small difference is monumental at the very top of Counter-Strike. The routine and focus on health Astralis has developed and instilled with their players gives them the upper hand on almost everything outside of the server. It isn’t a large aspect of why they are so dominant, but it’s another reason they are so dominant.

That is purely up to Stewie and Tarik, I’m not sure if they’ve decided just yet. I’d guess someone from NA like Brax if he’s allowed at BLAST.

I think they are all justified. It’s easy when you’re on the best team to get overshadowed by the accomplishments of the team alone and he has done his best to show just how consistently good he is. This will go down as a very special year for dev1ce and it’s almost a shame that s1mple has done so much, because that’s what people will remember more.

C9 is tough because I don’t see all three Europeans willing to live in North America long term, but I also don’t see RUSH and autimatic being willing to move to EU. I think they’re going to have to pick one way or the other before too long. This lineup can work but I’m just not too confident in all the little discrepancies getting ironed out properly for them to flourish. I’ll answer Liquid in a another question.

I think we are a couple years out from that, but the idea seems interesting. You would have to have absolute confidence that the players you are moving in and out are head and shoulders above their counterpart on that specific map to justify doing it with regularity. Counter-Strike is a hard game to consistently be good at while playing at the international level. It would only take a couple poor games from one of those 6th men before issues would start. Five players already have a hard enough time getting along. Adding a 6th would be difficult.

He’s just riding the bench for the inevitable future. I haven’t heard one way or another on his situation so that leaves me to assume no one has really inquired on him. You’ll remember that I published his buyout figure of $300,000 so that ultimately means his new buyout is just as much if not more.

That’s a good question, I haven’t heard anything about him. It sucks that he disappeared so quickly and he definitely deserves to play on a decent professional team. Maybe I can find out in the near future.

I just don’t see an obvious move they can make that doesn’t require them to pay insane amounts of money. They should remain the same if they can.

Their experience and natural instinct inside the server will always be worth something to a team, but the days of GeT_RiGhT being a dominant force all but over. I’d expect both of them to be around for a few more years should they choose to do so. Veteran Swedish players have always been held with high regard.

I haven’t heard about the format for the Major itself, I’m pretty sure it will remain somewhat similar to that of the Minor which is double-elimination groups.

I think they should work towards getting a primary dedicated AWPer but the trouble is finding one. They’ve offered people in the past from NA and no one has been interested. I’m not sure a move makes sense in the current climate.

They get to keep their spots.

Tournament and WESA rules have been made to prevent them from participating in the same events.

I don’t think so, at least not anytime soon.

There haven’t really been roster change rumors, just the natural discomfort that occurs when you’ve had so many runner up finishes. Things definitely aren’t perfect but again, who do you go out and get? No specific player really makes sense right now so if anything were to happen, it will be after the Major. They already made the Semi-finals in Malta so once again they’ve shown their ability to bounce back, despite it being a lower level of competition. I’m curious to see what they can do at the EPL Finals if Twistzz feels a bit better.

FaZe Clan just won an event so they aren’t too upset with their current situation. I do think Karrigan’s days are numbered though. Just like many other teams, they could make a move after the Major as well. Envy will definitely make moves soon. I’m not sure what they’ll do though just yet.

The future isn’t looking too bright if I’m honest. The two of them have burned a number of bridges with people in the Polish scene and they don’t intend to play with each other as far as I know. Snax will have a tough time getting out from under his contract.

I’m not sure exactly, I think it’s possible both teams sit out from CS:GO for a while. It all depends on who becomes available.

As I mentioned above, I don’t think they’ve even got that far into the conversation. If I had to randomly speculate, I’d say NAF goes to a different team somehow. Time will tell.

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