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Last night, Seoul Dynasty played against the Guangzhou Charge in a show match. The most interesting part of the match to me was on the third map on Hanamura. Up to that point, the series had been tied 1-1. They were fighting for map point on Hanamura and both teams had opted to stick to the standard meta of GOATs. In the third round of that map, Seoul Dynasty needed to get one more point to secure the map victory.


As that was the case, they decided to go away from their typical GOATs composition they had been running up to that point and used the following:


Fissure – wrecking ball.

Fleta – Pharah

Michelle – Dva

Munchkin – Hanzo

Tobi – Mercy

Ryujehong – Zen


This was ingenious for a few reasons. First was that there wasn’t that much time. At that point, they had run two rounds of GOATs vs GOATs. In the first run of the map, Fissure was able to make an individual play and pin one of the players which allowed the team to quickly take the first point. In the second run of the map, they tried the same maneuver, but it failed. In that instance, they were stalled out and it took longer for them to secure the point.


To avoid a draw scenario, Dynasty needed a surefire way to seize the first point of Hanamura in the time remaining and while GOATs vs GOATs was slightly advantageous for them (considering that I think they had the better overall players for the comp pound-for-pound), it was still a toss up depending on who won the first engagement.


Instead they went with the comp I noted above. In terms of position it did a few things for Dynasty. Fleta’s Pharah forced Charge away from the first point and onto the point where he rained down Pharah rockets. This in turn allowed Munchkin and Ryujehong plenty of space to spam shots from afar. Finally Fissure came in on wrecking ball and could do massive AOE damage and potentially boop them off the point with Wrecking Ball.


In essence, Charge were trapped on the point without any strategic recourse and needed heroic individual plays to get them out of the mess. Instead, the heroics were done by Fissure as he booped two Charge players off the map and secured the victory.


It was a cool tactic as it was specifically designed for a scenario where Dynasty only needed to win the first point on Hanamura. If for instance, this comp was used where the team had to try to win the second point, it would have failed as the comp couldn’t control space nearly as well on the second point and it doesn’t have the firepower to overwhelm a defending GOATs comp on that point. Overall, I thought it was a cool little trick that Dynasty pulled out against Charge for the show match.

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