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ESL One Birmingham Online Southeast Asia went into its second day of round-robin group stage action and after yesterday’s upsets, we were definitely in for another epic day of Dota 2.

TNC Predator seemed as shaky as they have been often this year when they played against BOOM Esports yesterday and nothing seemed to change today. The squad seemed adamant to make the support Sniper, Beastmaster and Enigma picks work for them but that just was not the case. Today’s series was even tougher too as they met with Team Adroit who were already on a high from taking down Fnatic in fine fashion and they were not about to stop. Adroit were able to comfortably claim a 2-0 victory in the series, while TNC fell to the bottom of the group with no wins after two matches.

Next up we would see BOOM taking the battlefield in a massive series against Geek Fam – both of whom had showed off their brilliant skills yesterday to win dominant matches. While GF are considered one of the favourites for the event, BOOM’s destruction of TNC yesterday definitely put them on a high and led them to victory today. Although GF took a commanding victory in the first game, they were left in the dust in the next two as BOOM stomped them down. With that, BOOM join Adroit at the top of the group with three days of round-robin action to go.

The final series of the day would see Fnatic taking on Reality Rift, both of whom had suffered defeats yesterday. FNC were on the rise in recent times and it was thought that this series would be quick and easy for them – but RR were not about to let that be the case. Although FNC did take a 2-0 win in the series, it was not easy at all as both games went to the 50 minute mark but when it came down to it, the experience of FNC got them through to the end. For RR, their second defeat means that they will join TNC at the bottom of the group for now.

Tomorrow ESL One Birmingham 2020 returns for more SEA action with Fnatic and BOOM kicking off the day before TNC fight against Geek Fam, with Adroit versus RR to close out day 3 of proceedings at the event’s group stage.

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