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BTS Pro Series Southeast Asia entered the playoffs stages yesterday and with the upper bracket quarterfinals done and dusted, elimination series were on the menu for the second day of matches.

Team Adroit who had a pretty solid group stage run and placed second right behind Fnatic got bested 2-0 yesterday in the quarterfinals by TNC and today had to fight with Geek Fam for their tournament life. They got crushed in game one by a balanced magical-right click damage line-up from Geek Fam who secured Troll Warlord, Beastmaster and Pugna all very efficient in the teamfights and with taking the map control. Adroit had a good pushing line-up of their own in game two with a Lycan and Queen of Pain forcing early engagements and an overall fast tempo. Geek Fam were able to keep the laning stage even, but Adroit had a support Silencer on their side to force their adversaries to fight around the global and the series was pushed to a decisive game three.  

Geek Fam came with a Terrorblade late game plan for the final match and made sure that the lanes are secured with a good support combo. Adroit’s response came with a last pick Alchemist sent in the mid lane to stay against Storm Spirit. He lost the lane and although he had a fairly decent timed Radiance into BkB build, he couldn’t catch Geek Fam off guard easily. The game went down pretty fast, with the Storm Spirit delivering the big plays for his team to secure a top four finish in the event.

In the other lower bracket round, Reality Rift were quickly executed 2-0 by BOOM Esports who opened each game draft with a Meepo ban and made great use of Tusk’s Team Tag in both games paring it with Riki in game one and with Spectre in game two to join Geek Fam in the next round of the lower bracket.

BTS Pro Series SEA playoffs will resume on the 25th of April with the upper bracket finals  Fnatic versus TNC Predator at 09:00 CET/15:00 PST followed by the lower bracket series Geek Fam versus Boom Esports.


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