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In the statement the Dallas Fuel made, they said something along the lines that he wasn’t committed to the team and he was uncommunicative. It’s a bit of a damning statement, but I don’t know if I blame Rascal that much.


Think about it from his perspective, he was part of one of the two best teams at the time when he was transferred out of London Spitfires. He was (and still is) one of the best DPS players in the League. He was then transferred over to Dallas Fuel, one of the two worst teams in the League (the only one worse is Shanghai Dragons, the worst of the worst we’ve ever seen in any esports), so I don’t know how much motivation or commitment he could feel. On top of that you have KyKy publicly critiquing him, so that could only get worse.


If you believe xQc’s version of events, then it makes even more sense as Fuel bought him out without discussing it with him. It doesn’t matter how much power the team organizations have. You can play dictator and GM all you want, but that also means you have to convince the pieces to play for you. They aren’t going to give their all if you give them no reason to and given the state of Dallas Fuel, it’s understandable why Rascal didn’t fit in.


I think he can be rehabilitated and used in a better team, just not this one.


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