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With KyKy being removed from the Fuel, it’s time to evaluate him as a coach. The problem with doing that is how much information we’re missing. We don’t know how he was at a coach, how many hours he put in, or how effective he was to the overall team. On top of that, we know that the Fuel management was messing around with him in some way, but in the end there are two facts we can say definitively.


The first is that the Dallas Fuel have been horrible. The second is that he couldn’t control the personalities on the team. We don’t know how much of it was his fault, how much was his players, or how much was the management’s. Basically the timeline as far as we know is that the management was interfering with operations up until March 14. He has been given one month since, it started off badly, but that could be expect given how messed up things had gone. It has been one month since then and they have had a bit of an uptick. On top of that, one month isn’t fast enough to turn it around given that it usually takes 3 months to build up a roster (except if you’re Korean).


So what I propose is the litmus test. It’s fine for analysts, coaches, or players to come out and talk about how great he is as a coach or whatever, but in the end the actions will speak louder than words. So if he does get hired by one of the better teams in the League (basically any team except Shanghai), then there may still be something to him as a coach. If not, well that’s probably it then.

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