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Today the Dallas Fuel will play the Shanghai Dragons. A part of me still believed that the Dragons could still go win less throughout the entire Overwatch League season, but in the end it wasn’t possible. The only win condition that the Fuel had was EFFECT and he isn’t playing so I have to be real and say it’s all over. On the other hand of the equation, Dragons has slowly gotten better over time and have some legit players like Ado and Fearless. They are no longer forcing comms into Chinese, but using what is more natural. Finally, the essential managerial problem of Dallas Fuel doesn’t seem to have changed much so I doubt they found any sort of game plan. 

However there is something interesting about all of this. Assuming Dragons win (and I think it likely). If that is the case then the Dallas Fuel will have sunk even lower than the Shanghai Dragons and will have done the one things the Shanghai Dragons did not. That is they will have lost to a 0-30 team. Thus the 0-40 Dream will die and the Dallas Dragons will rise. 

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