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According to sources, Seoul Dynasty intended to decide their tiebreaker match against the San Francisco Shock by a coin toss. The league allegedly had offered all teams to decide whether they would play the series out or if they would want to put it up to chance.

According to league insiders, San Francisco Shock turned Dynasty’s offer to toss a coin down and asked to play the series out as the rules indicate instead. As the loser of the coin flip would face the undefeated New York Excelsior in the first round of the playoff bracket instead of the winner of the Defiant-Fusion tiebreaker, the actions by both teams imply that the Shock saw their chances to win against the Dynasty in a tiebreaker favorably, while the South Korean team were less confident in their own ability to win. However, it is also possible that the Dynasty were indifferent towards the opponent they would be facing.

The other tiebreaker for 3rd place between Toronto Defiant and Philadelphia Fusion was agreed to be decided by a coin toss. This appears to be the logical conclusion of both teams wanting to dodge the Shock in their first round in the playoffs. If the Shock were to win their tiebreaker against the Dynasty, the Defiant and the Fusion would both have an incentive to lose as they too deem the Shock to be the stronger of the two opponents.

As all the teams in question allegedly predicted, San Francisco Shock won the tie-breaker series in a clean 3-0 against the Dynasty earlier this evening, strutting confidently into the playoffs. In the second tiebreaker, the Toronto Defiant won the coin toss for a higher seed and will be facing the Shock on Friday while the Fusion play against the Atlanta Reign.

Featured imagine courtesy of Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

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