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Overwatch developer Blizzard are not slowing down in their fight against toxicity. This week, more than 18,000 Overwatch accounts were banned in South Korea for what the company sees as undesirable behavior. The banned accounts were publicly displayed on the Korean forums.

Blizzard have been waging war on toxicity in Overwatch for a long time now and have been widening their scope as to how they get offenders. Apart from the game, Blizzard are also following players on Twitch and YouTube and monitor these channels for bad behavior as well.

Where it gets really worrying is how far exactly are Blizzard willing to go in their pursuit of policing its fans. In December, the company announced that it will be testing a new program for Twitch chat moderation during Overwatch Contenders. To put it simply, if you wish to chat with the other viewers during an Overwatch Contenders broadcast, you have to link your Twitch and accounts.

Combined with Blizzard’s harsh stances on toxicity, this won’t be good news for many fans. Blizzard have not made official what rulebook they are following when passing on sentences, what constitutes an inappropriate behavior and what damages can such an act inflict upon viewers accounts.

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