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photo by Shanghai Dragons

It has been 42 series of harsh Overwatch League matchups for Shanghai Dragons, the team that hold the record for the most consecutive losses by any sporting team but tonight they have finally ended their streak.

Shanghai Dragons have suffered defeat after defeat at the hands of nearly every team in the Overwatch League but with the recent addition of Young-jin ‘Gamsu’ Noh, there has been a huge resurgence from the squad in the opening weeks of the 2019 season. Their series tonight against Boston Uprising, the team that blindsided Gamsu by trading him out, was nothing short of beautiful to watch as they pummeled them into the ground.

With the crowd and fans always at their back, SHD were able to dominate the first two maps – even after swapping out Se-yeon ‘Geguri’ Kim on King’s Row, they made their stand and showed exactly what their team could accomplish.

With amazing Gravity Surge’s from Min-seong ‘diem’ Bae on Zarya, superb EMP’s from Jin-kyeok ‘DDing’ Yang  followed by perfectly timed Earthshatter’s as well as the rest of the team working perfectly together, SHD came out on top.

The revenge of Gamsu as well as the utter destruction of Boston Uprising was a pleasure to watch and now, we wait to see if SHD can use this win to springboard themselves up in the OWL rankings for 2019. As soon as the win came through, all other OWL squads took to Twitter to praise them on their win – you can see some of these Tweets below.

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