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‘Chiu on This’ is a short and regular opinion blast

When Overwatch League started, Seoul Dynasty was considered to be among the best teams in the league. The premise was that they had always had some of the best tanks/support players and now with Fleta and a bunch of DPS coming into the picture, they’d have the perfect combo to take out the rest of the competition and take out the league. What actually ended up happening was that the systemic problems of the old Lunatic-Hai showed up in Seoul Dynasty. I don’t mean any strategic/tactical choices (though that’s certainly possible as I haven’t studied that in-depth into their strategical problems), but rather their roster move mindset.

Back in the old days of Lunatic-Hai, the team always stuck with players pas their prime. Players like Leetaejun, Dean, EscA were always sore spots in the roster that prevented them from being better than they were. Now it is the tank/support players that are doing the same and ironically Fleta has been inducted back into the Flash Lux prison. It’s strange as the Korean KeSPA orgs are notorious for being ruthless with roster cuts and are more similar to Bill Belichick in cutting players too early rather than too late. Until Dynasty fix this problem, I don’t see them being an OWL Champion as the seasons are too long and this problem will continually plague them.

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