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Sometimes you just have to “go on then.” That’s what Josh “Sideshow” Wilkinson was doing when he sat on the analyst desk of the Overwatch World Cup and downed an entire bottle of maple syrup.

What led the man to devour Canada’s national treasure live from BlizzCon? A joke of course.

Team Canada was moments away from taking on China in their opening match of the Overwatch World Cup. The team had been giving out bottles of maple syrup alongside gift baskets to their opponents and it appears the analyst had made sure he got one as well. It was then that Sideshow joked that Canada was using the syrup to poison their opponents, prompting  Alex “Goldenboy” Mendez’s suggestion that Sideshow drink it.

It didn’t take much convincing as the analyst simply told himself “oh go on then” before throwing it back for a full chug.

There was a moment of shock and awe before it appeared Sideshow would be unable to keep it down. Thankfully for the desk and viewers, we would not see the syrup make a resurgence.

Even with the taste of maple syrup on his tongue, Sideshow would elect to go against Team Canada in their match, a decision that would prove to be wise as China took the upset.

Canada would end up taking home the Bronze after defeating the United Kingdom team in their following match. South Korea would go on to win their third in a row, maintaining their undefeated streak since the inaugural event two years ago.


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