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(Photo: Carlos Osorio / AP)

It has come to light that Robert Kraft, Patriots and Boston Uprising owner, has been charged with solicitation of prostitution. The offense occurred in Jupiter, Florida.

Since the news become public and became to make its way around the internet and into the realm of esports where he is known for owning the Overwatch League team Boston Uprising, members of the community have had some remarks to share.

Some are currently quite weary on whether or not he will suffer any consequences at the hands of the OWL as his fame, power, and wealth may give him some sort of protection. Former member of the OWL production team Jason Baker shares those exact thoughts alongside self-proclaimed esports historian and journalist Duncan “Thorin” Shields.

Other comments have been in regards to the OWL’s strict rules regarding emotes, professionalism, and other standards many believe to be overbearing. Will Kraft be held to the same standards?

People made sure to poke some fun too, given the Boston Uprisings name and an easy connection to well…an “uprising.” Along with a classy Kraft singles tweet from Thorin.

And of course, some are already seeking a statement from the OWL team in regards to the charges.

We expect the community hasn’t had its share yet and more community reactions are expected, especially from within the Overwatch scene.

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