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It has happened again. South Korea officially locked up its third straight Overwatch World Cup title at BlizzCon this afternoon against an astounding Team China. Many questioned the strength of South Korea’s roster, given the team’s lack of trials and strangely balance roster, but it didn’t matter. Once again, South Korea was clearly the best and took the finals 4-0 with hardly a whimper coming out of the Chinese side.

South Korea’s run cannot be described as anything, but pedestrian — the team didn’t drop a single map enroute to its domination of Blizzard’s yearly nation-based event. South Korea first stomped the lads from the land down under — Australia — 3-0, leaving little breathing room and casually taking the series. Australia had moments of brilliance, but Scott “Custa” Kennedy could not make the difference against a rolling Lee “Carpe” Jae-Hyeok on Widowmaker (and a tactical Torbjorn).

The United Kingdom gave South Korea a great deal more trouble — forcing draws on both King’s Row and Volskaya Industries — but even then, they were mere draws. South Korea was still able to take the series 2-0 by adapting to the UK’s brilliant play on GOATS compositions. South Korea finally looked beatable, but if the furthest a team could push it was draws — the finals weren’t ready.

Team China hardly looked as vulnerable in its 3-0 semifinal win against Canada, but the result was more of the same for South Korea. As successful as Xu “Guxue”  Qui-Lin had been, South Korea easily corralled him and China’s unhinged aggression. In a very one-sided series, South Korea reaffirmed its dominance with a 4-0 victory. Things got close in the series-closing Watchpoint: Gibraltar, but Kim “Fleta” Byung-Sun did everything in his power to keep the match from slipping away.

South Korea’s dominance might have slipped at the League of Legends World Championship and at the Starcraft II World Championship Series this weekend, but Overwatch remains firmly in its control. South Korea’s roster was criticized, but the tactics of the team — no matter the players — remained as surgical as always. Whenever the world doubts South Korea, it seems as if the region is destined to bounce back. South Korea’s grip on the Overwatch World Cup tightens, but given the foreign talent showcased this weekend — we’ll see how things pan out in the Overwatch League.

Photo: Robert Paul, Blizzard Entertainment

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