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The London Spitfire put to rest any ideas of having the Overwatch League Grand Finals go the distance as they easily dispatched the Philadelphia Fusion in quick fashion with a 3-0 win which gave them then 2-0 match advantage and the championship. While the season wasn’t easy for the Spitfire, losing a coach and trading a player, the finals turned out to be all London.

“I didn’t think it would be this easy,” said Choi “Bdosin” Seung-tae who plays support for the Spitfire. “Next year I hope we play against a stronger team.”

While this sentiment may be a little braggadocios, it certainly turned out to be accurate.

In Friday’s match-up against the Fusion, the Spitfire dropped the first map on Dorado in a hard-fought 2-3 loss. However, the Spitfire would not drop a single map, winning six in a row with the reverse sweep on Friday and then a convincing 3-0 to cap it all off.

*Courtesy of Winston’s Lab

*Courtesy of Winston’s Lab

The respective DPS and Tank combo Joon-yeong “Profit” Park and Jun-ho “Fury” Kim, was certainly deadly racking up 148 kills between the two. The Fusion simply couldn’t match the aggressive or mount a proper counter to these two.

The Spitfire were definitely a team that was chosen by pundits and fans to be in the mix for the Grand Finals, but the Fusion were not and by all accounts overachieved–something they attribute to the closeness of the team and their coaches.

Jack Etienne, the owner of the Spitfire when asked what they were going to do to celebrate their championship said, “I heard the chants of ‘steak! steak!’, so it looks like steak.”


Let’s hope he has some money left for those championship rings.



*Title Photo: Hannah Smith / ESPAT Media

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