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Credit: Screenshot via Overwatch Contenders

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One of the more interesting strategic moves I’ve seen in Overwatch Contenders thus far was done by HSL against One.PoinT in the EU Contenders playoffs. You can watch the VOD here, the time is around the 5 minutes mark.


On the third map on Horizon, HSL did a unique attack using Symmetra’s teleport. To understand why it works, we should first look at One.PoinT’s comp, which was a fairly standard Orisa comp. It was:


Superplouk – Orisa

Getamazed – D.Va


Horthic – Junkrat

Scaler – Zen

Phatt – Mercy


It’s a fairly typical artillery or poke comp that teams like to run on this map. To counter this, HSL went with:


Progi – Reinhardt

Tek36 – D.Va

Zykk – Zarya

Sardis – Symmetra

Hidan – Moira

Ascoft – Lucio


Essentially GOATS with a Symmetra twist. Typically the GOATs would have to lumber around and try not to get picked off as they moved up the point. In this case, HSL just teleported in and immiedately got onto the point. By doing this, they instantly broke the positional formation of One.PoinT as the Orisa comp want to be able to continually corral and harass the other team from distance, but by getting onto the point so fast, they had no choice but to contest. Overall a pretty cool move and one I thought I’d highlight from EU Contenders Playoffs.

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