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I think I found my new favorite (especially as a Pharah main)! Overwatch’s latest teaser for the upcoming holiday event is the Enchanted Armor Pharah skin. Overwatch’s Halloween Terror 2018 event kicks off in just 3 days on October 9 and will run through October 31.

The skin was revealed in a tweet from the official Overwatch account and is the fourth to be announced. Following Swamp Monster Doomfist, Banshee Moira, and Spider Widowmaker, Blizzard is following the horror theme quite spectacularly with this one. As with the Doomfist and Moira skins revealed thus far, Enchanted Armor Pharah will be of the legendary rarity. Spider Widowmaker is the only non-legendary revealed thus far coming in as epic.

Players will once again do battle with the infamous Dr. Junkenstien in special game type as part of the event.

During October of last year, Hollywood and Eichenwalde were the two maps to transform into the holiday spirit, whether or not the same maps will see a redesign is unknown. Maps aren’t the only part of the game to get a spooky makeover though. From October 9 to 31 players will be able to collect Halloween themed sprays, voice lines, and the always sought after hero skins. Players may want to start saving their credits as we’re sure there’s going to be more than one skin that catches their eye.

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