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In the community right now, there is a widespread level of antipathy or disdain towards the GOATs meta currently as we’ve seen it be fairly played out. There is a lack of novelty in it. While players and teams have some different takes on how it can be played depending on what players they have, most people are already burned out on it.


If you’re one of those people, then the game I’d recommend watching is British Hurricane vs Gigantti in the playoffs of EU Contenders. Part one of the series can be watched here. What made this particular game so interesting was that the British Hurricane not only experimented, but came up with multiple unique (at least to me) ideas and executed on them to a high degree.


I only watched their playoff games, but I’d say that their team has an incredibly high level of versatility that revolves around hafficool, Nesh, and Dannedd. They then used their wide hero pool, ability to switch out heroes, and maps to come up with interesting and novel ideas throughout the entire series.


The maps the series was played on were: Lijiang Tower, Numbani, Horizon, Dorado, and Ilios. Overall they pulled out 14 different compositions throughout the 5 map series (excluding times where they did an adaptation to what Gigantti was doing to counter them). The comps varied greatly. While they still pulled out some Goats/Motas, they also used a bunch of Ash centric compositions, Pharah style attacks (on Numbani first point for instance), and a bunch of variations on the Doomfist composition that Element Mystic liked to use. In turn this also forced Gigantti to forcibly change their style to start counter acting this as Davin had to pull out McCree to counter Danned’s Doomfist. Overall, I was impressed with the multitude of different strategies British Hurricane threw at Gigantti and Gigantti’s ability to adapt to everything that the Hurricane used to try to beat them.

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