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A strange, but not totally unexpected situation occurred upon the arrival of the Russian players at the StarLadder ImbaTV Minor. Due to the intensified political conflict between Ukraine (the country hosting the upcoming Minor) and Russia, some of the players have been denied entry at the border.

Three of the Gambit Esports players along with the team coach and the team manager were returned yesterday by the customs in the Kiev Airport. However, on a second attempt they managed to get the entire team in Ukraine and will be playing starting tomorrow, March 7 in full formula in the Cybersport Arena. The entire Old but Gold team, on the other hand,  is still trying to get to the Minor, and are assisted by StarLadder in making everything possible to have them allowed in the country. OG’s stand-in carry, Igor “iLTW” Filatov finds himself in the exact same situation.

According to the latest updates we received from StarLadder, if nothing will be solved tonight, Old but Gold and iLTW will be allowed to play online under the supervision of a StarLadder referee.

Old but Gold roster:

  • Ilya “Illidan” Pivcaev
  • Sergey “G” Bragin
  • Stanislav “633/BZZ” Glushan
  • Ivan “VANSKOR” Skorokhod
  • Fedor “velheorRusikhin

Visa problems had plagued the teams and the tournaments in the past, unfortunately, this is more of a delicate issue and while some were allowed in the end to pass the border, some weren’t, despite all having the same Nationality.

VPEsports arrived tonight in Kiev, Ukraine and will keep you updated on the situation. So, stay tuned!

[UPDATE] March 6, 23:15 Kiev local time, it was confirmed by StarLadder that all the players “received approval on their entry in Kiev” and will be in the arena on the first day of the event.

StarLadder ImbaTV Minor is set to commence on the 7th of March at 11:00 CET.

Full Schedule:

March, 7th

• 11:00 RNG vs. Flying Penguins
• 14:30 Old but Gold vs. OG 
• 18:00 Winners’ final of Group A

March, 8th

• 11:00 Vici vs. Demolition Boys 
• 14:30 Gambit vs. Boom-ID 
• 18:00 Winners’ final of Group B

March, 9th

• 09:00 Semifinal of LB of Group A 
• 12:30 Semifinal of LB of Group B 
• 16:00 Final of UB of Group A 
• 18:30 Final of UB of Group B

March, 10th

• 13:00 Semifinal №1 
• 14:30 Semifinal №2 
• 18:00 Grand Final

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